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Best selling products

  • 1.77 Inch Phone M1

    Contact Now1.77 Inch Phone M1Type:1.8''inch Bar PhoneFeatures:1.8''Highlight DisplayMetal shell/Crystal keyboard20 * 30 Big speakersTorch Light/FMRadioDisplay screen:1.8'' QQVGA TN 128*160CPU:Spreadtrum 6531DFlash Memory:ROM32+RRead More

  • Capacitive Screen IP6

    Contact NowCapacitive Screen IP6 Type:3.5''inch FEATURE PHONE PDA  Features:Capacitive touch screenUltra-thin BodyFashion DesignBuilt-in Free games and social&nbsRead More

  • 3.5 Inch PDA M9+

    Contact Now3.5 Inch PDA M9+ Type:3.5''inch FEATURE PHONE PDA  Features:Capacitive touch screenUltra-thin Bodybrushed back cover surfaceMetal BodyBuilt-in FreRead More

  • Plastic Body Phone 220

    Contact NowPlastic Body Phone 220Type:2.4''inch FEATURE PHONE PDAFeatures:2.4''Highlight Display20 * 30 Big speakersTorch Light/FMRadioA variety of colored skinsDisplay screen:2.4'' QVGA TN 240*320CPU:Spreadtrum 6531DFlash Memory:RORead More

  • Colors Phone S6

    Contact NowColors Phone S6Type:3.5''inch FEATURE PHONE PDAFeatures:Capacitive touch screenUltra-thin BodyAluminum bodyTwo FlashBuilt-in Free games and social softwareDisplay screen:3.5'' HVGA TN 320*480CPU:Spreadtrum 6531CFlaRead More

  • 2.4 Inch Phone M2

    Contact Now2.4 Inch Phone M2 Type:2.4''inch Bar Phone  Features:2.4''Highlight DisplayAluminum body/Crystal keyboard20 * 30 Big speakersTorch Light/FMRadioRead More

  • Metal Body Phone M4

    Contact NowMetal Body Phone M4Type:2.4''inch FEATURE PHONE PDAFeatures:2.4''Highlight DisplayMetal shell/Crystal keyboard20 * 30 Big speakersTorch Light/FMRadioDisplay screen:2.4'' QVGA TN 240*320CPU:Spreadtrum 6531DFlash Memory:Read More

  • 1.8inch Phone M3

    Contact Now1.8inch Phone M3Type:1.8''inch FEATURE PHONE PDAFeatures:1.8''Highlight DisplayMetal shell/Crystal keyboard20 * 30 Big speakersTorch Light/FMRadioDisplay screen:4.0'' HWVGA TN 128*160CPU:Spreadtrum 6531CFlash MemoryRead More

  • Bar Phone M8

    Contact NowBar Phone M8Type:2.4''inch FEATURE PHONEFeatures:2.4''Highlight Display20 * 30 Two Box speakersTorch Light/FMRadioBluetooth stereo, bluetooth remote control can play musicDisplay screen:2.4'' QVGA TN 240*320CPU:Read More

  • Capacitive Touch Screen K9

    Contact NowCapacitive Touch Screen K9 Type:3.5''inch FEATURE PHONE PDA  Features:Capacitive touch screenUltra-thin BodyBack cover with leather textureFashion DesignBuiRead More