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Win10 Touch Screen Invasion: Coffee Table Makes A Quiet Chat
Jul 06, 2016

When Microsoft has just released its first Windows 10 system touch control device, there are not many such products still on the market, and now a product called Kineti also appeared in front of us, it was a touch Windows 10 system of large equipment.

Kineti is a neat touch device, using the concept of desktop design, we can let family and friends around in which to experience the fun of Windows 10 applications and games. We Kineti can be placed in the living room at home, and through our hands touch to operation. In addition to Windows 10 system itself, Kineti can as a intelligent home control center, to remote control other devices in the home.

It is learnt that the Kineti sells for $ 5560 (about 37080), we can use video to see more description and detail.