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Wearable Headset Really Smart? Fix Battery Life
Jul 06, 2016

More kinds of wearable devices, and many manufacturers began to play the headphone idea. Many headphones are laced with intelligent features, including motion sensors and a voice Assistant, like Here Active Listening, Gear Icon x Bragi Dash and Samsung, makes us see out another revolution after cable wireless headphones.

In the past months, we kept switching between Bragi VerveOnes+ Dash and Motorola, and they gave me experience, positive and negative.

When I wear them behind the ears, often forget that they exist, these headphones are very small and are lighter in weight, wear will almost do not feel their presence. Another benefit of these headphones is that after wearing hidden very well, without being too abrupt.

But compact brought a negative factor is the challenge of life, after all, this is the biggest problems that plague all electronics products. Samsung Gear Icon x, after connecting the battery life is only about 3-4 hours.

There are many Bluetooth headsets on the market, battery life is that it's two or three times, or on the way for 3 hours if only the commute to the gym is good, but if we are to face the challenges of the day seems to be very difficult.

If you just need to connect to the Smartphone, ordinary Bluetooth headset will give you a longer battery life experiences, like JayBird X2 and Jabra Sport Pulse.

Wireless also means that control also needs to be changed, and the solution is to touch, and to move it to the outside of the headset. But in such a small space you want to freely is a tricky thing, and even frustrating. We had to take a time to adapt, are familiar with a variety of interaction. I'm sorry to tell you, in the course of experience, double-click an operation I have failed many times.