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Smart 4G Phone Test Method Of Good Or Bad
May 25, 2017

Lock the phone's location:

1,Smart 4G Phone is divided into the base station localization, with the SIM card, needs the flow;

2, GPS positioning, Smart 4G Phone and SIM-independent, do not need traffic;

If you want to check your location, as long as the mobile phone has a GPS module hardware, and has opened the GPS module switch (mobile settings), can be found at least 3 stars can be located in addition, if the WiFi or 3G network, it is also possible to locate the mobile phone through the base station.

The stupidest way is to turn off the phone, the rest of the methods can be banned by GPS function, or turn off the network function, but this does not completely prevent the tracking of positioning, because there is a way to locate through the mobile phone base station, Smart 4G Phone so as long as your cell phone has a signal, it means that it must be located, but the general base station is not civilian, but for the public security organs to solve the auxiliary measures, the general people will not be positioned in this way.

Fixed resistors good or bad detection method: The multimeter to the Ohm file, two table pens and resistance of the two pins, you can measure the actual resistance value.

According to the difference of resistance, the error range is calculated, if the measured value has exceeded the nominal value, the resistance can not be used, if the resistance is still available within the error range.

Fuse resistor good or bad detection method: If the resistance is infinite, Smart 4G Phone then the fuse resistor should be open, if the measured resistance and 0 close to indicate that the fuse resistance is basically normal, if the measured resistance is larger then need to open the way for further measurement.

SMD Type Common resistor is good or bad detection method: The multimeter red, black table pen respectively to be measured at both ends of the resistor, through the multimeter measured resistance, to observe whether the resistance and nominal resistance is basically consistent. Smart 4G Phone If the actual value is far apart from the nominal resistance, it is proved that the resistance has problems.

SMD-type resistors are good or bad detection methods: The test should be the red-black table in the opposite sides of the resistor symmetrical, and measured 4 sets of symmetrical pins respectively. Smart 4G Phone The detected 4 sets of data should be significantly different from the nominal resistance indicating that the row resistance is damaged.

Pressure-sensitive resistor detection method: Varistor insulation testing, the use of Multimeter Rx 1 or Rx 10k file, the two-table pens are respectively connected at both ends of the varistor to determine the resistance of the Varistor, the exchange of two-table pens once again, if two times measured the resistance is infinite, Smart 4G Phone indicating that the quality of the pressure-sensitive resistor is qualified, otherwise it is proved that its leakage is serious and can not be used.