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Smart 4G Phone Continue To Develop
Jul 04, 2017

1. Smart 4G Phone Browse the video, the smartphone can play the video, its screen is very large compared with the non-smart phone, connected to the network in the case of good playback, Smart 4G Phone very smooth, smart phone development and this is closely related.

2. camera, pixel higher and higher smart phone camera pixels Although not professional camera, but it is the progress of the camera function we are looking in the eyes of its camera function gradually strong up.

3. Internet, bid farewell to the use of computer Internet era, almost everyone started with a convenient mobile Internet to see news, watching TV, playing games, etc., Smart 4G Phone these simple Internet people prefer to use smart phones.

4. The continuous development of application software, Smart 4G Phone smart phone Internet access much attention, its function is constantly upgrading, Smart 4G Phone we used the chat tool and game application software in this little mobile phone inside the show, by the majority of users love.

Global mobile data users want their devices to be networked anywhere in the world. This expectation presents a huge burden on network and device performance. Smart 4G Phone In mobile data devices, the antenna is the only component of the "touch" network, and optimizing the antenna performance becomes more and more important. Smart 4G Phone However, the challenge of 4G antenna design in smartphones and tablets is daunting.

In China, we often say five modes. Smart 4G Phone It means that different operators use different formats and use different wireless bands. In addition to Bluetooth, WIFI, radio, GPS and so on. Any contact with the outside world are inseparable from the antenna. And now the mobile phone tablet, Smart 4G Phone but in the direction of the development of light, which reserved for the antenna less and less space.

The antenna size depends on three elements: working bandwidth, operating frequency and radiation efficiency. Today's bandwidth requirements are getting higher and higher, with impetus from FCC frequency distribution in the United States and global operator roaming agreements; Smart 4G Phone different regions use different frequency bands. "Bandwidth and antenna size are directly related" and "efficiency and antenna size are directly related" - which usually means that larger antennas can provide greater bandwidth and higher efficiency.

The product works in the 700M hertz band, Smart 4G Phone which was part of the FCCUHF-TV redistribution band a few years ago. These new bands (17, 704-746 MHz and 13,746-786 MHz) are lower than the traditional cellular bands used in North America (5,824-894 MHz). This change is huge because the lower the frequency, Smart 4G Phone the longer the wavelength, and thus the longer the antenna is needed to keep the radiation efficiency constant. Smart 4G Phone In order to ensure radiation efficiency, the antenna size must be large. However, Smart 4G Phone equipment system designers also need to increase the size of the display and more features, Smart 4G Phone so the available antenna length and the entire volume is greatly limited, thereby reducing the antenna bandwidth and efficiency.