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Smart 3G Phone Use Of Advantage
Oct 10, 2017

3G phones refer to the third Generation of mobile phones. Along with the development of science and technology and economy, the variety and model of mobile phone is more let a person too many things to see, from the first generation simulation system, mobile phones to the second generation of GSM, TDMA digital mobile phones, now the third generation of mobile phones, mobile phone has become a combination of voice communications and multimedia communication, and includes images, music, web browsing, telephone meetings, and other information services, value-added services such as a new generation of mobile communication system. Relative to the first generation of simulation system, cell phone (1 g) and the second generation of GSM, TDMA digital mobile phone (2 g), the third generation mobile phone generally speaking, refers to the wireless communication and the Internet and other multimedia communication combination of a new generation of mobile communication system. It can handle various media forms such as image, music, video, etc., and provide various information services including web browsing, teleconference and e-commerce. In order to provide the services, the wireless network must be able to support different data transmission speed, that is to say, in indoor, outdoor, and traffic environment can support at least 2 MBPS respectively (megabit per second), 384 KBPS (thousands of bits) per second and transfer rate of 144 KBPS. Have strong function is the basis of third-generation (3 g) mobile phone extremely high speed of data transmission, GSM mobile communication network of transmission speed of 9.6 KB per second, and third generation of mobile phones could eventually reach the speed of data transmission will be up to 2 MB per second. For this reason, the Internet technology is fully combined into the 3G mobile phone system, and the most important one is the data packaging technology. GPRS, which USES data packaging technology on GSM, has reached a speed of 384kbps per second, which is twice the speed of d-isdn. 3G mobile phones support high-quality voice, packet data, multimedia business and multi-user rate communication, which will greatly expand the content of mobile phone communication

Use of advantage

3 g mobile phone is a product of the integration of telecommunication industry and computer industry, compared with the previous phone difference is too big, so more and more people began to call this kind of new mobile communication products for the personal communication terminal. Even for telecommunication industry the lay people can easily determine that a mobile phone from the shape whether "third generation" : the third generation of mobile phone has a large color display, or touch. In addition to the high quality of daily communication, 3G mobile phones can also carry out multimedia communication. Users can write, draw, and transmit the 3G phone's touch screen directly to another phone.

Use skills


On January 7, 2009, China officially entered the 3G era, and the world's mobile phone companies began to target the 3G market in mainland China. The initial batch of 3G handsets was mostly made by domestic brands, giving some in China the first taste of 3G. Later, the entry of big brands such as samsung and NOKIA broke the dominance of domestic 3G mobile phones.

3G technology is particularly mature in foreign countries. We should first consider the mobile phones of foreign brands, such as nokia and other brands. In different 3G systems, it is necessary to select different types of mobile phones, select TD cell phones, suit their own importance, and choose a mobile terminal (mobile phone) that is technically too hard. [5]

Mobile phone purchase

Here are some things to note when buying a 3G phone:

1. The camera is not connected with 3G. The camera can only enable your 3G mobile phone to have video chat, video meeting and other functions.

2.3 G refers to a kind of communication technology standard, conforms to the standard is done by the 3 G mobile phone, conform to the standard technology have w-cdma CDMA EVDO and td-scdma, td-scdma is China's own development. On April 1, 2008. China mobile has been in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, shenyang, guangzhou, shenzhen, xiamen and qinhuangdao eight cities number allocation, the official launch of td-scdma.