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Smart 3G Phone Quality And Performance
May 25, 2017

Smart 3G Phone With the quality and performance of smartphones upgraded, the average service life of mobile phones is also getting longer, it is said to reach more than 20 months, but in three years less, can sustain to four years already is the limit. If you want to use the phone for more than two years to pay attention, the following methods will shorten the service life of mobile phones.

It's not electricity.

The damage to cell phone batteries is still quite large, and it is almost normal for people who are often outside. However, for the mobile phone can be used for a longer time, it is best not to wait until the phone prompts low power to recharge. In general, the power remaining in the 20% or so should be charged, preferably not less than 20%.

It would be a lot of controversy whether it would damage the phone or not, Smart 3G Phone some say it's better not to be full, because cell phone batteries are as scary as people's overeating. Others say it's best to keep your phone's electricity at 30% to 80%.

This is not true, Smart 3G Phone the professor did not do experiments, but if you really want to control so accurate is very tired. From the experience of so many years, not full of the impact on the mobile phone is not very obvious, in this regard, how to do everyone's own decision.

Use at high temperatures

Because of the work, some people have to use or carry a mobile phone in a high-temperature environment, which has a big impact on smartphones. If you can, work in this environment is best not to carry mobile phones, avoid damage and safety hazards

In addition, some people like to spend a long time watching video games with their mobile phones, so that the fever is not known. This approach should be avoided as far as possible, it will not only reduce the service life of mobile phone batteries, but also affect Smart 3G Phone the use of mobile phone performance.

Some of the bad-quality chargers in the materials and materials are relatively poor, before the many iphone charging accidents are caused by the use of unqualified chargers. Therefore, for the sake of security, it is best to purchase the original charger and the regular third-party accessories manufacturer's charger.