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Smart 3G Phone Perfect Combination
Aug 22, 2017

The third generation of network smart phones is the perfect combination of 3G handsets and smartphones. The so-called "3G mobile phone" Chinese full name for the third generation (the 3 Generation) mobile phone With the development of science and technology and economy, mobile phone variety and model is also more dizzying, from the first generation of analog mobile phone to the second generation of GSM , FDMA and other digital mobile phones, to the third generation of WCDMA mobile phones, mobile phones have become a combination of voice and multimedia communications, and includes images, music, web browsing, teleconferencing and other information services and other value-added services, a new generation of mobile communications system.

Smartphone has a separate operating system, like a personal computer to support the user to install software, games and other third-party service providers to provide the program, and through such programs continue to expand the function of the phone, while the mobile communication network to achieve wireless Network access

3G mobile phone refers to: support the third generation mobile communication system standard mobile phone, both 3g mobile phone, and the domestic operation of the 3g standard includes cdma2000 (China Telecom Tianyi 189), wcdma (China Unicom wcdma), td-scdma (China Mobile Td-scdma), as long as the phone supports the above three kinds of standard in one of the words, that is, 3g phone.

The third generation of mobile phones in general, refers to the wireless communication and the Internet and other multimedia communications combined with a new generation of mobile communication systems. It can handle images, music, video and other media forms, including web browsing, teleconferencing, e-commerce and other information services. In order to provide this service, the wireless network must be able to support different data transmission speeds, that is, in the indoor, outdoor and driving environment can support at least 2Mbps (megabits per second), 384kbps (kilobits per second) And 144kbps transmission speed. The basis of the powerful function is 3G mobile phone high data transfer speed, GSM mobile communication network transmission speed of 9.6KB per second, and the third generation of mobile phones may eventually reach the data transfer speed will be up to 2MB per second. And to do this is the Internet technology is fully integrated into the 3G mobile phone system, one of the most important is the data packaging technology. GSM in the application of data packaging technology developed GPRS can reach 384kbps transmission rate per second, which is equivalent to D-ISDN transmission speed twice. 3G mobile phones support high-quality voice, packet data, multimedia services and multi-user rate communications, will greatly expand the meaning of mobile communications. [1]