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Smart 3G Phone Meaning
Sep 12, 2017

The third generation of network smart phones is the perfect combination of 3G handsets and smartphones. The so-called "3G mobile phone" Chinese full name for the third generation (the 3 Generation) phone.

With the development of science and technology and economy, mobile phone variety and model is also more people dizzying, from the first generation of analog mobile phone to the second generation of GSM, FDMA and other digital mobile phones, to the third generation of WCDMA mobile phone, mobile phone has become A new generation of mobile communication systems that combines voice communications and multimedia communications and includes value-added services such as images, music, web browsing, teleconferencing, and other information services.

What is the difference between a 3G phone and a smartphone?

The two can not be compared with each other, because the intelligence refers to the software can be used more, 3g refers to the link.

3G mobile phone refers to: support third-generation mobile communication system standard mobile phone, both 3g mobile phone, and domestic operation of the 3g standard includes cdma2000 (China Telecom Tianyi 189), wcdma (China Unicom wcdma), td-scdma (China Mobile td-scdma), as long as the phone supports the above three kinds of standard in one of the words, that is, 3g phone.

Smart phone, refers to the same as the personal computer, with a separate operating system, independent operating space, users can install their own software, games, navigation and other third-party service providers to provide the program, and through mobile communication network to achieve wireless network The general name of the access phone type.

The meaning of 3G

The second generation of mobile phones refers to digital phones, such as our common GSM and cdmaOne, to provide low-rate data services; 2.5G refers to the second generation of mobile phones to provide medium-rate data services, transmission The rate is generally in the tens to hundreds of kbps.

3G can be wireless communications and Internet and other multimedia communications combined with a new generation of mobile communication systems. Able to handle images, music, video forms, providing web browsing, teleconferencing, e-commerce information services. The wireless network must be able to support different data rates, ie, at least 2Mbps, 384kbps, and 144kbps, respectively, in indoor, outdoor and driving environments. As a result of the use of a higher frequency band and more advanced wireless (air interface) access technology, 3G standard mobile communication network communication quality than 2G, 2.5G network has been greatly improved, such as soft switching technology makes the journey of high-speed movement Mobile users in the exit of a wireless cell and into another wireless cell no longer appear dropped words. And the higher frequency range and user classification rules make the unit area of the network capacity greatly improved, while the call allows a significant increase.

3G for the third generation of mobile communication technology (English: 3rd-generation, 3G), is to support high-speed data transmission cellular mobile communication technology. 3G services can simultaneously transmit voice (call) and data (e-mail, instant messaging, etc.). 3G representative feature is to provide high-speed data services, the rate is generally more than a few hundred kbps or more.

The 3G specification is the result of the final development of the IMT-2000 specification developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The original 3G vision, is able to standardize the standardization of the global communications system. At present there are four standard 3G: CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX.