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Smart 3G Phone A Perfect Combination
Nov 06, 2017

The third generation of Internet smart phones is the perfect combination of 3G mobile phones and smart phones. The so-called "3G cell phone" is all called the 3 Generation mobile phone.

With the development of science and technology and economy, the variety and model of mobile phone is more let a person too many things to see, from the first generation simulation system, mobile phones to the second generation of GSM, FDMA digital mobile phones, such as the third generation WCDMA mobile phone, mobile phone has become a combination of voice communications and multimedia communication, and includes images, music, web browsing, conference calls and other information services, value-added services such as a new generation of mobile communication system.

What is a smart

Smartphones have independent of the operating system, like the PC support users to install software, games and other third-party service providers to provide programs, and through such procedures is to expand the function of the mobile phone, at the same time can through the mobile communication network to realize wireless Internet access.

The two cannot be compared, because intelligence refers to the amount of software that can be used, and 3g refers to the way of linking.

3 g mobile phone refers to: the support of the third generation mobile communication system of mobile phone, as well as 3 g mobile phone, and the operation of the domestic 3 g standard includes cdma2000 physical 189 (China telecom), wcdma (China unicom wcdma, td-scdma (China mobile td-scdma), as long as it is mobile phone support the above one of three formats, is 3 g phone call.

Smart phones, it is to point to, like personal computers, independent of the operating system, the operation of the independent space, can be installed by the users themselves, and third-party service providers to provide navigation software, games, applications, and mobile communication network to realize wireless Internet access the floorboard of the mobile phone type.

3G and intelligence are separate. Is 3 g wireless network system, compared to the 2 g we use greatly boost speeds, comparable to home broadband, such as China unicom WCDMA (global wide application, such as Europe, America, Japan, southeast Asia, west Asia, Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have this network, the support of the mobile phone is very much also, almost all of the 3 g mobile phone support this network, more than 2000), telecom CDMA2000 (also widely the United States, South Korea, Latin America, mainland China and Macao, such as supporting the phone also many, several hundred), mobile td-scdma (currently only on the Chinese mainland have, only dozens of support, more than for domestic goods, the minority is samsung, nokia, such a big company products).

And smart mobile phones mainly refers to the platform and system, compared the intelligence system, higher intelligence system processor, memory, can daemon, support a large number of third-party software, openness is strong, such as symbian S60V3, V5, 3 (nokia, etc.), table 2.1, 2.2, MOTO, samsung, HTC, etc.), WM6.0, 6.1, 6.5 (samsung, HTC, etc.) of IOS (apple IPHONE1 ~ 4 generation, the system is relatively closed, can only download a program through the apple online store, but after cracking may use other third-party applications), and so on are all smart systems. Support of 3 g is not necessarily the smartphone (such as nokia's new C3 is S40 system, not smart, but support WCDMA network), the intelligent system is not necessarily a 3 g (before opening WCDMA network in our country, all released nokia mobile phone to enter our country should be removed when the WCDMA module, but it is to sell, not production nokia smart phone basically support WCDMA 3 g network, there are also some support for td-scdma network, such as 6788, X5, etc.), mainly to see if mobile 3 g module, it supports 3 g. And the 3G phone looks at what system, if it's the above system then it's smart, and if it's a system like symbian S40, it's not smart.

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