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Science Suggest That GM Will Have A Great Impact On The Academic Achievement
Jul 06, 2016

Studies have shown that gene will have a greater impact on student academic performance. Some people think that this means that, for those students with learning disabilities, little or no improved method. And these students spend in lessons, and help them progress is meaningless.

But is this really true?

"Genetic destiny", which is a very common misconception. Gene and we are not going to decide everything, environment (nurture) will also have an impact on students ' academic achievement. Even if genes (nature) result in learning difficulties, if the design science, combined with efficient, proper counselling will help to the students.

I wonder how many genes

When we studied the genetic impact on the academic performance, we used twin method is the main method, which genetic identical twin composition compared with fraternal twins. If compared with fraternal twins, identical twins more similar academic performance, gene will have a certain impact on academic performance. All the genes are identical twins, fraternal twins share only half their genes the same, but whether they are identical or fraternal, their home and school environments are the same.

Therefore, researchers can go home and school factors to assess gene will affect academic performance, that is, they can estimate how much a person's ability is genetic. In addition, because of the fraternal twins can be a man and a woman, researchers can analyze the nature and nurture on the men and women of influence might have been different.

In most cases, the same gene seems to have an impact on both boys and girls, and on the whole, tend to exaggerate the influence of public discourse.

Studies have been carried out against twins around the world, including Australia and the United States and the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia, Africa and other places, the study focused on children's literacy and numeracy. Different research disciplines and regions, expert estimates of gene effects are different, but are concentrated in the range of 50% to 80%. These studies use of assessment tools, including standardized tests, and tests carried out by the school.