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Robot Learning Diagnosis Of Eye Disease Early Symptoms You See How
Jul 06, 2016

Currently, Google DeepMind is preparing for a new research project, namely, to assist doctors to find the early signs of certain diseases of the eye. Study on initial planning for the project is: DeepMind United Kingdom headquarters Intelligence Department to carry out an experiment, after anonymous 1 million eyes scanning for the robot in, learn to deep analysis and create the corresponding algorithm to find humans likely to Miss early signs of eye disease. This project is already DeepMind with United Kingdom national health service (NHS) second effort, but also was the first to use artificial intelligence technology.

DeepMind main task right now is to focus on two cases of eye-health, one is exudative age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy is the second. According to preliminary research results, diabetic retinopathy is the most frequent cause of blindness. DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman told the guardian: "the risk of blindness in diabetic patients was 25 times times more likely, if we can be detected in a timely manner after the symptoms and preventive measures in a timely manner, then 98% the onset of severe visual loss can be prevented. ”

When it comes to the DeepMind second cooperation with NHS Moorfields Eye Hospital, or from an eye within a hospital Counsellor Pearse Keane's offer. Pearse Keane in an interview with the guardian, he said, had come up with the idea, because he had seen DeepMind training artificial intelligence learning ability, the effect is very good. In that case, why not apply it to complex medical diagnosis to come? He said: "when the doctor watching eye scans (called" optical coherence tomography OCT "), through brain waves, they will have their own analysis and judgment. Since artificial intelligence also have deep learning and thinking skills, supplemented by training, they are sure to be well qualified for this job. "Subsequently, Pearse Keane in a matter of days active contact with Mustafa and raised this issue, Mustafa was soon given a positive response.