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Lenovo PC Exposed Security Loophole To Bypass The Windows Security Protocol
Jul 06, 2016

Lenovo PC news comes before downloading their software updates (and automatically install after the unloaded), even a security vulnerability. A few days ago, security experts Dymtro "Cr4sh" Oleksiuk claimed to found a Lenovo PC's vulnerability may allow an attacker to bypass the Windows basic security protocols.

Allegedly, problem firmware driver is directly copy the Intel-supplied data, which means that other vendors might also use the same code. At present, at least 1 HP Pavilion notebooks are found to have the same problems.

Lenovo said in a public statement later, tried before Oleksiuk, published in loopholes with contacted without success. Meanwhile, the Association also confirmed that the code was provided by Intel. Although they did not demonstrate Intel's censure, but the chip maker is obviously at fault. Lenovo also said they are currently investigating this issue and will patch together with partners to develop a fix as soon as possible.

When there is an argument, of vulnerabilities in the code may be deliberately in order to leave the back door instead of a mistake. Lenovo also said in a statement, the company is also "determine the identity of the original author," because they "do not know what is the original intention of the person". As for the detailed ins and outs of this event, we may need to wait for more news before you make judgement.