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Images From Viralspread On The Public Perception Of The VR
Jul 06, 2016

Yiwahesha (Eva Hoerth) is a community organizer and virtual reality virtual reality design researcher, she likes to record the image using virtual reality. Leap in Motion when it launched the latest version of Orion, Hertha took on their colleagues using virtual reality devices, video posted on Twitter and said "this is the future." Time, forward the video to more than 5,000 times, viewed more than 5 million on a picture sharing site Imgur. Not only the social news site Reddit headlines and YouTube received nearly 500,000 views.

At the game developers Conference on virtual reality hacker Marathon before, I had the opportunity to communicate with Hertha on public reaction to the video, we are not only referring to user's views on virtual reality, talk about and of virtual reality as a female point of view.

Hertha loves virtual reality, are keen to see people using virtual reality devices. She believed that "virtual reality equipment is so funny now." Hertha points out, "now we look like a clown, especially heavy mobile phone when worn on the face. ”

I think Hertha video to viral spread reflects several problems. One is the claim that virtual reality would turn reality into doing a social utopia, the public have some fear. And the other is the use of virtual reality equipment in the weird and awkward. Especially in social settings, virtual reality equipment hindered eye contact between people, looks weird and awkward. United States blogger luobote·sikaobo (Robert Scoble) has noted that the negative impact of glass part is its people and hindered eye contact in conversation, he considered it contrary to the social contract, and cultural norms.