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How To Make Android Phones Away From Spyware?
Jul 06, 2016

First of all, do not easily download applications from an unknown source, including some not familiar with app store or directly download the APK files to install from the Internet. Secondly, during the installation process, you need the permission information for a mindful application. For example, a GPS navigation application, you need to call critical information such as GPS location, it is reasonable, but if it needs to be text messaging permissions? Is a bit odd. Or a flashlight application, permission need your phone, SMS and location, this is unreasonable.

Second, you can use some of the more well-known mobile applications, such as mobile phone Butler. They can monitor phone whether it runs, if there are a large number of unusual data, application reminders, help you eliminate malicious applications. Finally, to ensure the safety of your account numbers, passwords, don't tell others, including friends and family.