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Feature Phone Very Important
Aug 03, 2017

Now the smart phone has become a modern life necessities,Feature Phone many people buy a cell phone after the first time I think what software is installed? Obviously now for consumers, the phone is equal to the smart phone. But before the rise of smart phones, has been propped up a mobile phone industry is a day of non-smart phones, that is now known as the function of the guy, it is also the necessities of life.

Although the era of functional machines has been away from us, Feature Phone even Microsoft has recently announced the abandonment of the machine business to sell to Foxconn, but recently a survey report shows that as the mobile phone manufacturers compete for the US market, Feature Phone functional machine sales and Not because of the explosive growth of intelligent machines and gradually disappear, and even sales did not fall, last year, the US functional machine sales reached 24.2 million, an increase of 2 million, Feature Phone and the reason, many consumers that smart phone features Too complicated, the function of the simple and practical but more suitable for them.

In addition, in 2016 China's mobile phone industry market analysis and forward-looking report shows that there are still 1 billion people around the world without a cell phone, Feature Phone that is to say that 1 billion users are potential users of the machine, of course, the 1 billion users are also Smart phone potential customers, but the price is more affordable and more functional machine is more likely to move this part of the user.

Speaking of the function machine has not been to the point where there is no place, but it is undeniable that the smart phone is now the general trend, Feature Phone so the existence of functional machines are more as a backup machine. When the main machine power shortage or accidental damage to the case, the most basic phone and SMS function also disappeared at this time there is a full power to meet your communication needs of the standby machine is very important, Feature Phone and happens to function machine can meet These ones.

Of course, the battery and standby problems is the vast number of smart phone manufacturers in the field of non-stop seeking progress, and some in the mechanical increase in battery capacity, Feature Phone on the other hand OPPO MWC2016 this year also launched a 10-minute can be filled with super fast charge function , But the former is now almost no effect to show the effect, while the latter's super fast charge from the large-scale commercial there is not a small distance, so the machine is still long standby standby machine is still the industry's Rolls-Royce.

Finished the long standby, Feature Phone the following we look at the basic communication function, the function of the signal stronger, more clear call is also recognized by consumers over the years, so do not want to lose their contact consumers, buy a functional machine When the backup machine is very games to the.

In addition, the smart phone screen and the volume has become increasingly large, Feature Phone visual experience even better, Feature Phone but then the portability is also very powerful decline, and even many people can not put the phone elegant pants pocket, so the fuselage The compact function machine also highlights its advantages at this time.

Function machine also has a smart phone riding a horse can not be on the advantage, that is cheap, generally about one hundred and two hundred, Feature Phone buy and lose will not let consumers feel bad to death. This is the current cost-effective ultra-low-end thousand phone can not be compared