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Feature Phone To Achieve Promotion
Jul 13, 2017

The high-pass fingerprint sensor for the display is the first commercial multi-functional ultrasonic solution announced in the mobile industry to enable fingerprint scanning, Feature Phone typing and matching through thick OLED displays up to 1200 μm; Feature Phone high-pass fingerprint sensors for glass and metal are The first commercially available solution that achieves scanning through a thicker 800 micron glass panel and a thick 650 micron aluminum housing is enhanced over the previous 400 micron glass or metal penetration capability.

Compared with the previous generation, Feature Phone the new features to support a more special product design, OEM manufacturers can achieve the design of the product on the form of differentiation. Feature Phone Qualified fingerprint sensors for glass and metal are expected to be available to OEMs this month and will be used in commercial terminals in the first half of 2018. For the display, that is, to achieve the effect of on-screen fingerprint recognition, which fingerprint sensor is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017 to provide OEM manufacturers to test evaluation.

It is worth mentioning that, Feature Phone in the World Mobile Conference site, Feature Phone domestic mobile phone manufacturers prototype first show their own screen fingerprint unlock technology, and the technology is based on Qualcomm has just released the third generation of ultrasonic fingerprint identification program.

Because no need to open the hole, Feature Phone you can achieve a comprehensive screen, one machine, and even the whole waterproof design, for the appearance of mobile phone innovation has a strong driving force. Feature Phone In addition, based on the principle of ultrasonic technology, but also to enhance the fingerprint recognition function to the interactive level. Such as directional gesture recognition,Feature Phone biological detection, safety certification and other fields, greatly enhance the use of mobile phone experience.

It is reported that from the experience point of view, because it is the cause of the project, the reaction rate is still some slow, but vivo official said that after mass production can improve the speed. Feature Phone And this time, vivo were brought in front of the OLED screen and back in the back of the metal material two programs, both are very suitable for full-screen design models, Feature Phone I believe that if the future launch of a full-screen design of smart phones , Then the Qualcomm's third-generation fingerprint recognition program will certainly improve the overall machine.