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Feature Phone Open Operating System
Jun 22, 2017

Feature phone, that is not equipped with open operating system, but has a voice call and multimedia applications phone.

Smart phone, Feature Phone refers to the "like a personal computer, Feature Phone with a separate operating system, users can install software, games and other third-party service providers to provide the program, through such programs to continue to expand the function of the phone, and can Mobile communication network to achieve wireless network access such a class of mobile phones in general. "

Class intelligent machine, also known as pseudo-intelligent machine and high imitation intelligent machine, he has a simple function machine simple, easy to use, Feature Phone power, long standby time advantage, but also smart machine dazzling intelligent interface design, built-in part of the application software and third- service.

Function machine has: easy to use, low power consumption, battery durability, low price, etc., so there is a fixed consumer groups.

Intelligent machines have: open operating system, more powerful, strong expansion performance, personalized and other advantages, but the general power consumption, Feature Phone power consumption, high prices. The current growth trend is obvious, the user group grows faster.

Class intelligent machine to fill the gap between the function machine and the intelligent machine, as a supplement to provide the mainstream of smart phones, Feature Phone popular features, manufacturers generally factory built a lot of features and applications, and now a new generation of intelligent machines to increase The user can download the application of the function, the user can go to the vendor's website or designated third-party website to download their own new applications.

You say the phone is generally used in conjunction with the chip, Feature Phone to meet your needs on the one hand.

The smart phone is a relatively powerful core processor, Feature Phone can run multi-threaded task of the phone collectively it, the smart phone can help you do some previous intelligence on the computer to complete the task, such as office components ah, watching movies ah, playing Games and so on

Second, the smart phone can have a better optimized interface, human-computer interaction is very good, very comfortable to operate. Smart phones are relatively smooth, Feature Phone to complete your personal optimization, such as you can let it save traffic, or you can let it give you a better experience and more trouble, is similar to this, you can choose what you want, And then let it achieve.

Feature phone is your choice it can not change, smartphone is what you want to let it come to achieve.