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Feature Phone Necessities Of Life
May 25, 2017

Today, smartphones have become a modern necessities of life, Feature Phone many people bought a mobile phone after the first time I think of the installation of what software good? It is clear that mobile phones are the equivalent of smartphones to consumers today. But before the rise of smart phones, once propped up mobile phone industry a day is not a smartphone, that is now known as the function of the guy, it is once everyone's necessaries.

Although the age of the machine has gone away, Feature Phone even Microsoft has recently announced the abandonment of its feature-machine business to Foxconn, but a recent survey has shown that the U.S. market, which is a battleground for handset makers, the sales of the machine is not due to the growth of the smart machine and gradually disappear, and even sales of the last one years, the U.S. Feature Phone functional machine sales reached 24.2 million, the year-on-year growth of 2 million, and the reasons for many consumers that the function of smartphones is too complex, The simple and practical function of the machine is more suitable for them.

In addition, the 2016 China Mobile phone industry market analysis and forward-looking report shows that there are still 1 billion people in the world without mobile phones, that is to say, the 1 billion users are also the potential users of the machine, of course, the 1 billion users are also the potential customers of smartphones, but cheaper and more functional machine is easier to impress this part of the user.

So is the function machine really useless? The answer is obviously not the case, the functional machine still has many advantages.

Before the function machine is not to the point of nothing, but it is undeniable that the mobile phone fully intelligent is now the trend, so the existence of the functional machine is also more as a standby machine. When the main machine appears power shortage or accidental damage, Feature Phone the most basic telephone and SMS functions also disappear, at this time there are a of electric power to meet your communication needs of the standby machine is very important, it happens that the function machine can meet these.

Of course, the battery and standby problem is also the vast number of smartphone manufacturers are constantly seeking progress in the field, some in the mechanical increase in the capacity of the battery, on the other hand, oppo in this year MWC2016 also launched 10 minutes can be filled with the super fast charge function, but the former look at the effect is almost not out, and the latter super fast charge distance of large-scale commercial still has a big distance, so the function of the long standby is still a mobile phone standby industry Rolls-Royce.