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Feature Phone Have Separate Operations
Aug 11, 2017

Functional mobile phones, which are not equipped with open operating systems, Feature Phone but have voice calls and multimedia applications.

Smartphones, which means "like PCs, with a separate operating system, Feature Phone users can install software, games and other third-party providers to provide programs, Feature Phone through such programs to continue to expand the function of mobile phones, and through mobile communication network to achieve wireless network access to such a class of mobile phones.

Class Intelligent machine, Feature Phone also known as pseudo intelligent machine and high imitation intelligent machine, he has the general function of simple, easy to use, Feature Phone power saving, standby time long advantages, but also intelligent Smart machine Smart Interface design, built-in part of the application software and third-party services.

Functional tools are: simple and easy to use, low power consumption, Feature Phone battery durability, low prices and other advantages, so there is a fixed consumer groups.

The Intelligent machine has: the open operating system, the function is stronger, Feature Phone the expansion performance is strong, the individuality is strong and so on merit, Feature Phone but the general power consumption is big, consumes electricity, the price is high. The current growth trend is obvious, Feature Phone the user group grows faster.

Class of intelligent machine to fill the gap between the machine and the intelligent machine, as a supplement, to provide the mainstream of the smartphone, Feature Phone universal function, generally by the factory when the built-in a lot of functions and applications, now a new generation of intelligent machines to increase the user's air download application function, users can go to the manufacturer's website or designated third-party website to download their own applications.

Smartphones, which have a powerful core processor, can run multithreaded tasks collectively, Feature Phone and smartphones can help you do tasks that you used to do on your computer, Feature Phone like Office components, movies, games, etc.

Secondly, the smart phone can have a better interface, the human-computer interaction is very ideal, very comfortable to operate. The smartphone is smoother and can complete your personal optimization, such as you can make it less traffic, or you can let it give you a better experience and more traffic, Feature Phone which is similar, you can choose what you want and then make it happen.

The feature cell phone is what you choose it can't change, smart phone is what you want to have, let it come true.

Smart phones, like personal computers, with independent operating systems, Feature Phone independent of the operating space, can be installed by users of software, Feature Phone games, navigation and other third-party providers to provide the program, and through the mobile network to achieve wireless network access to mobile phone types collectively. Non-smartphone function. Not as strong as the top, but there are some software applications

1. The biggest advance of smartphones is that it combines almost all of the services of mobile phones, audio and video playback and other personal data processing. Feature Phone The advent of smartphones makes it possible for most users to do what they want without having to take many other devices.

2. The software, user interface and function machine of the smartphone are different. Functional mobile phones are installed with software, smartphones have high-performance processors, Feature Phone and smartphones are more like desktop micro-computers. Smartphones are more personalized, Feature Phone smartphones are mostly touchscreen, and when users want to input something, the keyboard automatically comes out.

3. Application and function are different. One of the biggest features of smartphones is the ability to install apps. These applications can provide a variety of functions, such as games, Feature Phone maps, entertainment, navigation, news, weather forecasts, and so on. With these applications, Feature Phone the function of smartphones is greatly expanded, some applications are paid, but many are free.