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Feature Phone Has A Separate Operating System
Jun 08, 2017

Functional mobile phone, which is not equipped with open operating system, Feature Phone but has voice calls and multimedia applications.

Smartphones,Feature Phone which means "like PCs, with a separate operating system, users can install software, games and other third-party providers to provide programs, Feature Phone through such programs to continue to expand the function of mobile phones, and through mobile communication network to achieve wireless network access to such a class of mobile phones.

Class Intelligent machine, also known as pseudo intelligent machine and high imitation intelligent machine, he has the general function of simple, easy to use, power saving, standby time long advantages, Feature Phone but also intelligent Smart machine Smart Interface design, built-in part of the application software and third-party services.

Functional tools are: simple and easy to use, low power consumption, battery durability, low prices and other advantages, so there is a fixed consumer groups.

The Intelligent machine has: the open operating system, the function is stronger, the expansion performance is strong, the individuality is strong and so on merit, but the universal power consumption is big,Feature Phone consumes electricity, the price is high. The current growth trend is obvious, the user group grows faster.

Class of intelligent machine to fill the gap between the machine and the intelligent machine, as a supplement, to provide the mainstream of the smartphone, universal function, generally by the factory when the built-in a lot of functions and applications, now a new generation of intelligent machines to increase the user's air download application function, users can go to the manufacturer's website or designated third-party website to download their own applications.

Identify the quality of the phone first press #, and then on your phone will appear a serial number to you, you count to the seventh and eighth number. If your seventh and eighth numbers are two of the following, Feature Phone then the quality of your phone is determined. 0, 2 or 2, 0, is a bad phone 0, 8 or 8, 0, is a little bit better mobile phone 0, 1 or 1, 0, is very good mobile 0, 0 represents the origin of the company's production, is the best quality mobile phone (original mobile phone) 1, 3 represents the production of the Arab, is a very bad phone

Stealth Battery Your cell phone is low, in order to allow it to continue to use, press 3370 button, the phone will restart, after the start, you will find that the electricity increased by 50%. This part of the hidden standby power is over and you have to recharge it, and when you recharge it again, the stealth battery is recharged at the same time, and the next time you get low power, you can use this method. Know this is very useful in an emergency if the phone is short of electricity.

The car was left in the car with the remote? Can you open the car with a remote control? If you can, you will one day the car with remote control in the car and spare remote control at home, Feature Phone you will find a mobile phone is really convenient, use the phone to dial the home of the mobile phone, your mobile phone in a foot away from the door of the place, while the family holding the remote control in his mobile phone next to the unlock key, this side of your door can be opened. This method works no matter how far you drive your car away from home.