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Feature Phone Grasp The Market
Jul 04, 2017

Feature Phone Of the people who are not interested in smartphones, 50% are over 60 years old, and women are slightly more than men. They have used Samsung or LG's mobile phone for three or four years and have not changed in the last two years. Out of curiosity, Ben Bajarin also asked if the future feature phones disappear, Feature Phone they are most likely to buy what the smartphone brand is, including Samsung, Apple, Motorola and LG are the top five options. In addition, most people seem to prefer Android, the main reason is that they use the functional machine brand, basically get involved in the Android market.

In the relevant market research, usually those who are not interested in smart phones users, there is no a Tablet PC, the PC is often purchased 5,6 years old models. For such people, Feature Phone the main PC use is social, Feature Phone document management and streaming video, so more than 60% of users said they would not buy any form of PC this year. In addition, 10% of users have a clear PC purchase plan, the cost is less than $ 400.

Feature Phone Such market research for smart phone manufacturers to promote products, more effective marketing is of a certain significance, because the understanding of the level of ecosystems and participation, help manufacturers more accurately grasp the market. At the same time, Feature Phone research data also shows that the function of mobile phones still have a certain market demand, while its user base is able to transform.

Feature Phone Smart phone, refers to the same as the personal computer, Feature Phone with a separate operating system, independent operating space, users can install their own software, games, Feature Phone navigation and other third-party service providers to provide the program, and through mobile communication network to achieve wireless network Access to the general type of mobile phone.

1. You can use wifi access to the wireless network to the Internet.

2. With personal information management, scheduling records, Feature Phone task scheduling, multimedia applications, browse the web and so on.

3. Independent core processor and memory makes the application to be better installed, is such an open operating system, so that the rich features of smart phones.

4. User-friendly design to give each user a more satisfactory use, according to the functional requirements of each person on the phone, and then improve the mobile phone functions to expand, that is, through the mobile phone and software upgrades, not only to meet the user's Demand, but also to achieve the humanization of the software market promotion.

5. Third-party software support powerful, powerful.

6. Work fast, the core processor development speed, making all aspects of the work to speed up.