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Feature Phone Function More Pure
Aug 22, 2017

Feature phone, is a lower level of mobile phones, its computing power and functionality slightly inferior to the smart phone, but the function is relatively pure, can only be used to call the phone, mainly for the elderly and children.

Differences in smartphones

Intelligent machine and function of the difference, there are three major differences:

1. Intelligent machine is the biggest progress is that it combines the phone, audio and video playback and other personal data processing almost all services. The emergence of smart phones makes most users do not have to bring a lot of other equipment to complete the things you want to do.

2. Smartphone software, user interface and function machine is different. Feature phone is installed software, smart phones have high-performance processors, smart phones more like desktop micro-computer. Smart phones are more personalized, intelligent machines are mostly touch screen, when the user wants to enter something, the keyboard will automatically come out.

3. Application and function are different. One of the biggest features of a smartphone is that it can be installed. These applications can provide a variety of functions such as games, maps, entertainment, navigation, news, weather forecasts and more. With these applications, the function of smart phones has greatly expanded, and some applications are paid, but there are a lot of free.

Feature phone, that does not carry an open operating system, but has a voice call and multimedia applications phone.

Function machine has: easy to use, low power consumption, battery durability, low price, etc., so there is a fixed consumer groups.