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Feature Phone Definitions And Differences
Oct 10, 2017

Feature phones, it is a kind of lower mobile phone, it slightly weaker than the computing power and the function of intelligent mobile phone, but the function is more pure, can be used to call the phone mainly suitable for the elderly and children.

Smartphone differences

There are three main differences between smart and functional machines:

1. The biggest advance of the smartphone is that it combines almost all services with mobile phones, audio and video playback and other personal data processing. The advent of smart phones makes it possible for most users to do what they want without having to take many other devices.

2. Smartphone software, user interface and function machine are different. Feature phones are installed with software, smartphones have high performance processors, and smartphones are more like desktop microcomputers. Smartphones are more personalized, smartphones are mostly touchscreen, and when the user wants to enter something, the keyboard automatically comes out.

3. Application and function are different. One of the biggest features of smart phones is that it can be installed. These apps offer a variety of functions, such as games, maps, entertainment, navigation, news, weather forecasts, and so on. With these apps, the smartphone's capabilities have been greatly expanded and some apps are paid, but many are free.

Definitions and differences between functional and intelligent machines

Feature phones, which are not equipped with an open operating system, have mobile phones with voice calls and multimedia applications.

Smartphones "refers to" like personal computers, independent of the operating system, can install software by the users themselves, third party service providers such as game procedures, through such procedures continuously extended, and the function of the mobile phone and mobile communication network to realize wireless Internet access the floorboard of the kind of mobile phone ".

Smartphones also called pseudo smartphones and high copy smartphone, he has the common function of machine is simple and easy to use, save electricity, long standby time, also have a smartphone dazzle beautiful intelligent interface design, built in some application software and third-party services.

Features: easy to use, low power consumption, long battery life, low price, etc., so there are fixed consumer groups.

Intelligent machine has: open operating system, more powerful, expanded performance, strong individuation and other advantages, but generally power consumption, power consumption, high price. At present the growth trend is obvious, the user group grows faster.

Class smartphone to fill the gaps in function between machine and smartphones, as a supplement, provide mainstream smart phones, the function of the universal, generally by the manufacturer's factory was built in a lot of features and applications, now a new generation of class smartphones increased user downloads the application of the function, air users can go to the vendor's website or designated third party web site to download new applications.