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2016 Cell Phone Trends Observed In The First Half: Chaos In Survival
Jul 06, 2016

2016 second half six months we have witnessed another change in the mobile phone market. Offline channels back pay business in China, Apple, Samsung, cell phones and VR with domestic patent war looming and we experienced a mixed mood, however, and it is in this mess started mobile phone manufacturers under rational thinking on how to live in this increasingly saturated stock market.

OPPO, VIVO squeeze millet share

Several groups of representative data. Tencent recently against 9,323 QQ users for a week-long survey. Investigations revealed that in the low end of the market-made Android brands dominate; gain a foothold in the high-end market, Huawei and Samsung; the high-end market is dominated by Apple, Samsung is the only Android to compete with Apple, brands.

Global mobile phone market share has also changed. IDC worldwide quarterly mobile phone Tracker in April this year showed that Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, charm has an obvious rise compared with a year earlier. Instead, Samsung, Lenovo and cool seen ranking drops.

Starting in 2016, Internet phones and traditional phone line more clearly. Once represented by millet Internet mobile group encountered winter, online channel becoming saturated so that users preferred to offline channels to buy the phone, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO such manufacturers is the beneficiary of such a deep line channel model.

Earlier insiders, brands like vivo, basically 90% these inputs are set up on the online channel, especially in two, three or four cities are more effective. In addition OPPO, VIVO also pay more attention to occupy the younger market, and user groups.

Line channel model in the domestic success of the OPPO, VIVO such domestic manufacturers, but it also has a number of handset manufacturers unfortunately out of business.

IUNI is Golden State investment in the Internet mobile phone brand, was founded in October 2013 and locate the younger users. Millet models of this brand is to at the beginning of learning on line delivery. However entering early 2016, this online mode face saturation, and Jin, IUNI online mode is a complement to their traditional channel mode, apparently Jin IUNI online mode is no longer needed, which directly leads to IUNI left.

Half a month ago, domestic brands cool single largest shareholder sold 11% shares in its possession, and as the buyer will take over as the single largest shareholder, once domestic shipments in the first announcement out of the cool.