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Why smart phones using short time? How to save electricity?
Jul 06, 2016

And function than big Smartphone screen, CPU Doughty (multi-core for high-frequency), features and more. Previous functions will generally make a phone call, while smartphones are basically playing on the hand, so smartphones use a significantly shorter time. However, through the use of reasonable, or if the time can be extended. Specific energy-saving tips on the phone: settings > general > power saving mode > power saving tips menu.

1, is the power consumption of the display (about 200MA, bigger screen), it is recommended that appropriate selection of automatic screen lock time (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes), and is set to automatically adjust the brightness.

2, close related to accessibility: drop down the notification bar will WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile network off, you need to use when opening; opening set > account and synchronization > automatic synchronization is turned off; open settings > network > closure enabled 3G; application automatically update to manual update.

3, stand by the use of "one-click Cleanup" turn off background programs, make the phone into standby power-saving state.

4, the evening can be set in the "scheduled tasks" or timer starts timing offline mode that makes the phone really saves time.

5, is not recommended to speak to where the signal is weak, signal less, consume more power.

6, switch on the power saving mode.