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Smartphone touch screen failure solution
Jul 06, 2016

Now intelligent phone touch screen are used capacitor touch screen, if occasionally encountered phone touch screen failure, is recommends first check phone screen Shang whether has dirty real, and whether has sweat and so on, sometimes due to this class reasons is easy led to capacitor touch screen appeared failure or appeared drift phenomenon, addition capacitor touch screen should not be near strong magnetic field of things, like magnet what, by of too near also will found capacitor touch screen will failure, serious words, even may damaged, if excluded has these basic of some common sense, Capacitive touch screen failure will still appear, then read on.

Now touch-screen phone screen on the physical structure is divided into two parts, one for screen display of the LCD screen, and the other is responsible for the feedback touch touch control module. From your point of view, the LCD itself should be no problem, but touch module may be faulty. Two failures which may exist, one of which is itself touch module has a hardware problem and need to be replaced; another possibility is that your phone's touch module and the connection between the LCD cable has become loose.

This failure can be difficult to troubleshoot, I suggest you find a regular mobile phones repair point to check. If the cable is loose, remove plug the machine back in jail can be solved, even touch module is broken, replace a not too expensive. But if the maintenance point of alarmist, saying that if you need to replace the whole LCD, then you must be careful, you might be well replaced the LCD used, have to be on guard.

Addition yiqian small series phone occasionally will appeared drift and failure phenomenon, behind select has brush machine replaced has a more high version of Ann Zhuo system, problem also get has solution, author analysis found most is original phone system installation application more, coupled with phone configuration not high, easy led to phone resources insufficient, so also may appeared this class phenomenon, everyone can recommends attempts to recovery factory set or brush machine Hou try try, also no, again took to maintenance compared good.