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Smartphone battery maintenance of common sense
Jul 06, 2016

1.Smartphone battery maintenance  Battery factory, manufacturers are activation and precharge, so the battery more than electricity, have friends that time to recharge the battery in accordance with the adjustment period, standby is still seriously inadequate, assuming the battery is indeed the genuine battery, this case should extend the period of adjustment for the 3~5 time full charge and discharge.

2. If you buy a new cell phone batteries are lithium-ion, 3~5 charge is commonly known as a period of adjustment before, should be filled with more than 14 hours, in order to protect *** fully activated lithium-ion activity. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but have a lot of the Sui dynasty, should be fully activated, *** later use can achieve the best performance.

3. Some of the automated intelligent quick charger when the lights change, only that it is filled with 90%. Charger will automatically change with the slow charging the battery is full. Best used after the battery is full, otherwise it will shorten the time.

4. Before charging, lithium-ion batteries do not need a special discharge, improper discharge may damage the battery. As slow as possible when charging recharge, reducing the fast charge mode; time should not exceed 24 hours. After three to five full charge and discharge cycles, batteries chemicals inside it will be all "active" to achieve the best results.

5. Please use the original or the reputation of a good brand of charger, charger for lithium-ion batteries with lithium batteries, and follow the instructions, otherwise you will damage the battery, or even dangerous.

6. While charging, it has a lot of users often also open cell phones, it would be easy to hurt mobile phone life, as in the charging process, the cell phone circuit boards may have a fever, if at this time when there is a incoming call, may produce transient return current, cause damage to the parts inside the phone.