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Smartphone battery maintenance tips
Jul 06, 2016

Smartphones a day filling is the norm, especially those greedy Smartphone software, eating hard than a nurse.

At present, the battery life remains a weakness of the Smartphone. When breakthroughs in technology has not reached, we may read a mobile phone battery power-saving and maintenance tips, Twitter prone to make you happy.

Don't wait for the battery to charge

Many like to use mobile phone to watch tweets, friends used to turn the power on to use only 5% to remember a couple of clean napkins out of body, straight stretch to give charge, this kind of behavior is shameful. Experts tell us that when the lithium-ion battery 40% charge is most suitable when minimal deterioration of battery.

Don't feed fake universal charger battery

Generally speaking, most insurance machine original charger. Cottage charger quality is not reliable enough, power instability, battery is very harmful to small and fragile. BlackBerry battery durability is good, but a universal charger monkeying goes wrong battery soon will be spoilt.

Not charging phone

For two reasons, one is a charging call, will be higher than the usual dose of electromagnetic radiation, affect your tadpole activity and secondly, is the impact on battery life.

Mobile phone long time, remember to pull out the battery

Even if you do not turn battery self-discharge phenomenon within the body, ranging from the aging cell phone circuit, while battery dew liquid, acid corrosion of the fuselage line.

Cherish life, away from the water

Yes, battery water, like your wife. Although water is a good lubricant, who brings a lot of fun to your home life, but mobile phone battery is not buying it. If the battery accidentally touched the water, just be prepared to throw it right.