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Smartphone batteries why not?
Jul 06, 2016

Since everyone has a Smartphone, battery life has become a smart-phones main short Board, discussed the problems of the industry, is also the largest mobile phone battery maker, is trying to solve the problem. This site also had a battery on the future article, but also take time to be used on mobile phones, let alone the future battery, who knows what the future is when? Battery not to force this thing really can't blame brother batteries, as we all know now the phone is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, let's take a look at the basic principles of lithium-ion batteries: lithium metal batteries are lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of the battery electrolyte solution. First lithium-ion battery uses the following response: Li+MnO2=LiMnO2, the reaction is oxidation and reduction reactions, a discharge.

Lithium-ion battery basic principles

On the cathode reaction: LiCoO2= charging =Li1-xCoO2+XLi++Xe (e)

On the negative electrode reaction: 6C+XLi++Xe====LixC6

Battery total responses: LiCoO2+6C=Li1-xCoO2+LixC6

Anode material: optional cathode material for many current mainstream product uses lithium iron phosphate. Cathode material for different table:

Positive reaction: embedded discharge lithium ion, rechargeable lithium ion block removal.

Charge: LiFePO4 → Li1-xFePO4 + xLi+ + XE-

Discharge: Li1-xFePO4 + xLi+ + XE-→ LiFePO4

Anode material: graphite.

Negative reaction: discharge lithium-ion removal plug, rechargeable lithium ion insertion.

Charge: xLi+ + XE-+ 6C → LixC6

Discharge: LixC6 → xLi+ + XE-+ 6C (Via Wikipedia)

Lithium-ion batteries with high voltage, high capacity, low consumption, no memory effect, pollution-free, small size, the internal resistance is smaller, less self discharge, cycle times and more features. Also because of these characteristics, it is widely used in all essential things of life. In the era of feature phones, these characteristics of lithium-ion batteries is sufficient to ensure you lead a normal life, but in the age of smart phones, because the parts are both increasing power consumption, lithium-ion battery gives men a home recharge a day of good habits.