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Smart 4G phone
Jul 06, 2016

4G (full name: the 4th Generation communication system), the fourth generation of communication systems. 4G communication theory to achieve transfer rates of 100Mbps, 4G network bandwidth than cellular systems 3G network bandwidth is much higher. Each 4G channel occupies a 100MHz spectrum, equivalent to 20 times times W-CDMA 3G, that is the network transmission speed is faster than the current wired broadband n times. 4G phone is a supported 4G network phones, mobile 4G mobile phone maximum download speed over 80Mbps, to mainstream 3G network speeds more than 10 times, China Unicom of 3G twice.

Simple means that supports 4G wireless technology for mobile terminals (mobile phone). 4 g is the set of 3G and WLAN in one, and be able to transmit high quality video images, its image quality and resolution as good as television. 4G has been achieved, more advanced functionality than 3G, the bandwidth usage is more efficient and faster.

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