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Mobile phone touch screen failure to do
Jul 06, 2016

Programme a

Turn off the phone, remove the battery, mobile rest for five minutes or so;

Looking for a USB cable, connect cell phone;

Wash your hands, or wet hands;

Wet hands with the thumb of one hand contact with metal parts of the other end of the USB cable, and index finger to the ground for about two seconds;

Open rear cover, we can see a small piece of metal next to the battery compartment, which is a cell phone vibration generators, commonly known as the vibrator. Since it is also directly connected mobile phone boards, we can do the wet hand with the thumb of one hand contact with vibrator, fingers according to the ground for about two seconds.

Programme II


Computer report there is a drift of the articles is the solution screen. With a hot hair dryer (blowing hair) wind screen, note that open to mid-range, blows even feel hot on the line of the screen (Note: to remove camera battery, my phone into hot)

Programme III


Electroporation, static electric shocks with a lighter screen (malfunction of tissue covered with stained with water shock), changing the electric field, not necessarily applicable to all, we have to be cautious!

Programme four

With Scotch tape keeps paste paste the torn ripped at the failure, until recovery touch the screen so far

Mobile phone touch screen failure to do

Programme five

System problem

If phone system installation application more, coupled with phone configuration not high, easy led to phone resources insufficient, so also may appeared this class phenomenon, recommends everyone can attempts to recovery factory set or brush machine (due to brush machine is to phone heavy loaded system, will exists must of risk, as operation improper may will brush machine failed, led to phone cannot normal using, recommends you contact authorized maintenance site processing. ) After trying, still does not work, please take the brand authorized repair site maintenance