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Google Android smart phone answers to eight questions
Jul 06, 2016

Question 1, what is Google Android?

Answer: Android is not that Google developed humanoid robot (Note: Android English literal that is "humanoid robots"), nor that Google will become the phone hardware developers. In short, the Android is a mobile software platform, it will run on many hardware products for mobile phone manufacturers. As a result, Google will be able to attract a large number of manufacturers joining the Android platform, which has the potential to alter existing patterns in the global smartphone market.

Problem 2, since when has Google started thinking about starting Android platform project?

A: the time is not known. But in 2005, Google acquired a company called Android phone after the software developer, industry officials speculated that Google might launch its own brand mobile phones. In November 2007, Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) that has a number of global handset makers, mobile operators formed the "Open Handset Alliance" (OHA), members of the OHA include Motorola, Samsung, HTC (HTC) and phone makers such as LG, Google will lead development of a mobile platform, this is the Android platform as they are.

Question 3, compared with the existing smart-phone operating system, Android platform has different?

Answer: for many years, most cell phone manufacturers to build smart-phones, you have to purchase license to mobile operating system developers, because the mobile platform is a proprietary mobile operating system, mainstream products such as Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Palm. While the Android platform is based on open source code (hereinafter "open source") of Linux technologies. Because of the use of open source technologies, Google's Android platform will be provided free of charge to all phone manufacturers. Although Google did not profit by the way Android sales licenses, but the company expects Android platform with various Google applications pre-installed, so you can profit purpose that by advertising related services.

Distinctive features of question 4, what is Android phone?

Answer: Android phones will use touch-screen technology, support for video, audio, high-definition images and technologies such as Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access, and integrates applications such as Google maps, Gmail e-mail software. In addition, the Android platform also comes pre-loaded with a high-performance mobile phone browsers. Google has released the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), the aim is to attract outside developers develop applications software for Android phones; after the Android app growth, will drive Android mobile phone user base growth.

Question 5, that Android phone performance is better than the Apple iPhone?

A: even if no more than iPhone Android phone performance, and should be comparable with the latter. But one thing is certain: Apple iPhone phones only made by Apple and Android phone will be made up of many handset manufacturers and global consumer choice will be much larger.